Check in bell sitting at a hotel front desk

Different Careers And How They Transition To Hotel Jobs

Check in bell sitting at a hotel front desk

If you are stuck in a dead end career you might be thinking how you can transition to another job. What you might not realize is that many job skills will transition well to the hotel industry. If you were to analyze the employees who work in your neighborhood hotel, you would likely find that they come from all walks of like. Some used to be in the manufacturing area, some were in medical fields. Don’t be surprised when you find the hospitality business filled with people whose previous jobs had quite literally, nothing to do with hotels. Here, we will discuss some of those.

Did you know that in most hotels the housekeeping department was the largest? That they have more employees than most any other department? Why do you think that is? Quite simply because that is where all the work is. Rooms must be cleaned and tidied up on a daily basis. Housekeepers needs tons of safety training so that they can remain injury  free while working. A big reason for injury among housekeepers are needlesticks. Unfortunately, diabetics and others who must use syringes sometimes leave them behind in the bed sheets, and these are then handled by the housekeeper. Given the different bloodborne illnesses that can occur, this is obviously not a good thing. For this reason, we have seen many businesses pop up that handle training for housekeepers and how to avoid being stuck by a needle. These jobs are usually filled by people who have been trained in the field of phlebotomy.  They are perfect people to train housekeepers on the dangers of needles as they have extensive training in this area.

Another good job in the hotel business is in the human resources department. These employees help other employees with their health and welfare insurance, time off requests, and performance evaluations. We have seen many people that have previously sold insurance products, or work in the insurance field in some capacity, make the transition to working in the human resources department at hotels. Why is that? It is because they have extensive knowledge of how insurance works and insurance is a big program to administer.

The engineering department is a great example of where skills from other fields are very transferable. We often see tow truck drivers, auto mechanics, forklift operators, plumbers, construction workers, etc. transition into an engineering role at a hotel. If you don’t know what that is, basically, an engineer handles anything and everything that might go wrong. Have a broken toilet? Call engineering. Have a problem with the television? Engineering fixes that. Basically, if you are mechanically inclined than this would be a good department for you to get a job in.

As you can see there are many different ways to break into the hotel business. Regardless of what kind of job you are currently in, making your way into the exciting and fast paced world of hospitality might be a good choice. Rarely do people in the hotel business go to school to enter this profession. More often than not, hotel employees transition in from other occupations. So, don’t be shy, we bet you currently have the skills you need to enter the hotel business!!

Words revolving around motivation like goal, progress, strategy, leadership, and more

How To Motivate Employees Regardless of Industry

Words revolving around motivation like goal, progress, strategy, leadership, and moreBeing in the hotel industry definitely requires motivated employees. But, how do you keep them motivated? When a person is put into a management position, it is their job to ensure that everything runs smoothly. However, one element of their job that many people forget to consider is that their job also consists of motivating employees. This can, at times, be difficult because many employees may get down in the dumps, they may not really want to do what is being asked of them or the like. Thus, the manager or boss has to take it upon themselves to motivate these people. So, how do they do this?

Tip #1 Always be ready to listen

Though many managers may think that listening is not the best thing to do, listening is the only way that you are going to find out what the problem is. When employees are not wanting to come to work, it may be due to something in the work environment. And it is your job to make the changes to ensure that the work environment is one in which people want to work in. This means actively listening to what people are saying and making the necessary changes.

Tip #2 Be Ready to be Firm

This may not always be necessary, and you do not want to be firm at all times. But, in many cases, being firm with the employees is the only way to get them motivated to do their job the best that is possible. For example, you may have to tell them what is riding on their job. Such as an important event and that those who do not perform are going to notice that their hours decrease. This is rather firm, and not the approach you want to take at all times as this can label any leader as being mean and hateful.

Tip #3 Have Incentives

If you are serious about making your employees more motivated, then consider having some sort of incentive. For example, the person who sells the most products or attracts the most new customers are going to be those who win a free lunch on the manager. You can come up with whatever you think will be motivate your workers to do their job to the best of their ability.

Tip #4 Be fair in everything that you do

The more fair you are, the more likely employees are going to want to do what you are asking them to do. This is something that most managers do not think about, though it is very true if you are wanting to ensure that people are respecting what you are saying. If you go to motivate people who really do not respect you, they are not going to listen to you.

Tip #5 Lead by example

You will want to make sure that your employees hear stories that motivate them. Perhaps they can watch a video of an inspirational person, perhaps they can see their manager doing something right – whatever the case, make sure your employees are given examples on a daily basis of what motivation looks like.

If you are in a position of power within any company, then a part of your job is to ensure that you have the ability to motivate your workers in order to better the company. This is something that may take time for a person to develop, but it is an aspect that people need to work on in these positions.

Maid at a nice hotel making a bed

Why Working In A Hotel Is Fun

Maid at a nice hotel making a bedWhen looking for a career, many people often look for something that is going to be fun and exciting. However, everyone’s idea of fun and exciting is a bit different. For those who want something that is safe, while also being fun and exciting, they are going to find that working in a hotel can be a lot of fun. In addition, working in a hotel comes with perks such as getting discounts on booking rooms for yourself and the like, all of which can come in handy if you plan to travel. Overall, working in a hotel is going to be hard work, but it is going to be work that is enjoyable.

1. The number one reason why working in a hotel is fun is because of the people that you are going to meet. Since this is a hotel, you can guarantee that you are going to meet some people that you would have never gotten the opportunity to meet before. If you work the front desk at a hotel, you are going to find that you will get daily contact of people who are not from the area, thus expanding your own cultural awareness.

2. Planning events is a huge part of most hotels. Your job at a hotel can encompass also being an event planner. For those who love to plan events, this can take away from the norm of what you do at work. You may be in charge of decorations, ensuring the food is prepared and ready to go, organizing waiters and the decorations within the venue. It is a fast paced job that is going to be stressful, but exciting as well.

3. Never having the same thing happen every day is another huge benefit to working in a hotel. Everyday that you go into work there is going to be something different than the day before. This makes for an exciting workplace, and one that is not going to get dull, like many other jobs out there.

4. You also get to enjoy the people you work with more in a hotel than in any other profession. For example, though you have work to do, you still have to the time to talk to your co-worker while doing this. This makes the time pass by faster and also helps to make your job more enjoyable.

Working in a hotel is hard work, and you will certainly need to undergo hotel specific training, but you will find that it can be as enjoyable as you make it out to be. For those who decide to go in this direction with their employment, they are going to find that they have made a great decision. If you like to work with people in the services industry, then you cannot go wrong with working in a hotel. You will have to work, but the fun that comes along with working here cannot be underestimated. Those who work in a hotel often state that this is the best job that they have ever had, since they get to enjoy work and play at the same time.

Bellboy at a hotel wearing a jacket with red cuffs pushing a luggage cart

Different Jobs In The Hotel Industry

Bellboy at a hotel wearing a jacket with red cuffs pushing a luggage cartWhen most people think of a hotel, they think of the various jobs within the hotel as being pretty straightforward. However, there are several unseen jobs in the hotel field, many of these people not being seen constantly or interacting with those who stay in the hotel. This type of thinking can put many people off of trying to get into the hotel sector, but there are several jobs in this area that are going to offer benefits and be fun for the person who has this job.

1. Front Desk

Those who work the front desk are those who are going to check in guests, take comments and complaints, answer the phone and basically provide the guests with anything that they are going to need. This is a position that is best suited for someone who is very people friendly, as they are going to be dealing with people everyday.

2. Wait Staff

Within the wait staff area there are several different jobs that you can do. This includes:

- Maid service
- Bellhop
- Janitorial staff

Depending upon the size of the hotel, there may even be more jobs that the person can do within this type of job. The wait staff is considered to be one of the most helpful jobs in all of the hotel, as they are the meat of the hotel that keeps it running and keeps customers happy.

3. Manager

The manager is responsible for day to day operations. There is usually a day and night manager, allowing two people to split the duties and time in which has to be devoted to the hotel. The manager is going to be the person that listens to all the problems, settles conflicts and the like. Their job is not as much as being involved with people, rather than being involved with day to day activities and planning ahead for problems that may arise.

4. Food Staff

Those who work in the food industry within a hotel will be responsible for delivering meals and making meals on demand for those who are staying in the hotel. This type of position is only available in hotels that offer food services. There are many food staff who find that working in a hotel is one of the best ways to get noticed in the food industry. If you are trying to get a job as a food handler, we recommend getting a jump on your competition and taking a food certification class.

5. Maintenance Staff

The maintenance staff is responsible for anything that goes wrong within the hotel. This can be anything from a leaky plumping pipe to the changing of lighting fixtures within rooms. Those who work with maintenance are often on call for twenty four hours a day, since you never know when an accident is going to happen and their services are going to be needed. Some examples would be licenced forklift operators, qualified plumbers, and people who understand construction.

If you are serious about getting into the hotel industry, you are going to find that there are numerous jobs that will fit a full list of skills that people may have. You may have to start off at the bottom of the ladder, and then will eventually work your way up into these higher paying positions.

Big sign that says "hotel" hanging outside of the foyer

Some Great Hotels Around The World That You Should Visit

Big sign that says "hotel" hanging outside of the foyerEvery hotel is not the same. Even hotels within the same chain are going to be different from one another due to location and management. With this being said, there are some hotels located throughout the world that catch the attention of several people due to these hotels being unique and interesting. It is these types of hotels that people travel to in order to say that they have stayed here, which is a huge feat for those who build these types of hotels. So, for your next trip consider staying in one of the following hotels, as it will be an experience of its own.

1. If you are every traveling to Boston, MA, you are going to find that the Liberty Hotel is one neat, and historical place to stay. The Liberty Hotel is actually the building that once housed criminals of Boston. The prison bars are still intact, to make for a very unique experience for those who visit here.

2. Travel to Finland and you will find a hotel that is full of igloos. The igloos are well insulated and lite in order to allow people to have a great view of the Northern sky during the winter. This is an extremely popular hotel to stay in with the Northern Light show that is in the area.

3. If you have the chance to go to Austria, you are going to find that there are several hotels in the area that you can choose to go with. However, the Das Park Hotel located in Linz, Austria, is definitely one of a good and worth looking into. The hotel is designed from sewer pipes, in which each room is an individual, above ground sewer pipe that has a double bed and a place to store your belongings. There is not bathroom, as this is shared by the hotel guests in another area.

4. For those who are looking for a great hotel in Mexico, they are going to find that the hotel which was once a bull fighting ring that has been converted is definitely a place in which they are going to want to stay. The hotel is beautiful now, and is hard to imagine that several bull fights took place in the area prior to 1975.

5. In Quebec, Canada there is Hotel de Glace, which is the hotel of ice. This hotel is one that has made several television shows as being one of the most unique hotels in all of the world to go to. In fact, several people make a trip to Quebec just to stay in this hotel of ice. There is tons of amenities all inside the ice hotel, that makes it even more fun for those who are don’t mind the cold and ice.

If you are traveling, it is great for a person to stop in at any of these hotels. You are going to find that staying in one of these hotels is sure to make your trip that much better. Staying in any of these great hotels is going to be the way to ensure that your trip is memorable in every way.